Crochet Chocolate and Mint Backpack

Chocolate and mint backpack that is presented on the photos is very easy to crochet and with the help of the video tutorial is becomes ever more easier. Welcome to and today we are going to talk about crocheting the chocolate and mint backpack that you can see on the photos.

I love the colors and I love the combination of chocolate and mint, have you ever tasted them together, I can’t really remember but it feels that I know how it will taste and I love it.

If it tastes half as good as this backpack looks that it is worth of trying. The backpack is very easy to crochet, I am sure that you are going to get to the right result very easy and fast.

All you have to do is view the instructions grab the yarn and the hook and start crocheting. Share the article with your friends too, I am sure that they are going to enjoy it too. Good luck

Click here to view the tutorial