Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern for Dogs from Shelter

As a big Thank You to fur moms like you who adopted fur babies from the shelter, here’s a nice Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern for you to make.

If you’re thinking of buying a welcome present for your new dog, how about making him this sweater instead?

Make him feel at home and welcome him to his new family with this cozy crochet dog sweater.

Find out more about this Cozy Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern by reading through this article.

Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern for Dogs from Shelter

Warm like Your Hugs Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern

Do you want your fur baby to feel your love and the warmth of your hugs even when you’re not around? Having been in the shelter, you always want your dog to feel at home and loved. 

With this cozy crochet dog sweater by MouseAndThimble, your new dog will never feel alone. Especially when you’re working, wearing this sweater will always remind him of your hug!

With its turtleneck design, you’re sure to have a quick and no fuss dress up session with your dog – elegance in an instant!

Not only is this pullover fancy and elegant, it’s also functional! Everything is well thought of, you can even roll the collar for easy leash attachment. It also ends just under the belly so your little one can stay clean during potty breaks.

About the Yarn

We want the best for our fur babies, so this cozy crochet dog sweater has to be soft enough to be worn for a long time. With this Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, you get to have not only a soft yarn, but also a yarn easy to clean!

This yarn is a medium weight, sturdy enough for all the activities of your energetic and active dog. You’ll never have to worry about the sweater breaking apart!

Worried you’ll only be able to use it once because it will get dirty after use? This yarn is super easy to clean! In fact you don’t have to clean it by hand, let your machine do its magic!

Cozy Crochet Dog Sweater
Cozy Crochet Dog Sweater By MouseAndThimble

About the Pattern

This pattern comes in an easy to follow format, complete with stitch descriptions. It’s perfect for beginners! In fact, it is worked in a continuous piece, you never have to sew anything. 

Are you worried your fur baby will someday outgrow his sweater? You can always make it in different sizes. It’s available for dogs extra small to extra extra large. There’s also a bonus pattern for larger breeds!

Are you ready to give your doggo it’s well-deserved love and hugs?

Skill Level


Materials Needed

Yarn – Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice acrylic worsted medium weight 10-ply linen and taupe


Finished size

6-14 inches neck

12-20 inches chest

14-28 inches neck

22-36 inches chest

Crochet Stitches Used

Chain stitch

Slip stitch

Single Crochet

Double Crochet

Front Post Double Crochet

Back Post Double Crochet

Cozy Crochet Dog Sweater Details
Cozy Crochet Dog Sweater By MouseAndThimble

With this cozy crochet dog sweater pattern, your new fur baby will have the best welcome gift!

Fill him with all the love he was not able to receive and give him happy memories he’ll never forget.

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Are you excited to give your new dog a warm welcome? Then go ahead and buy your yarns and bring out your hooks and start making this cozy crochet dog sweater pattern!