Crochet Heart with a Facemask and Smile

Crochet Heart with a Facemask and Smile

Today we would like to share with you an article with the step by step instructions about crocheting the heart with a facemask, that is presented on the photos. It is super easy to crochet one and it won’t take much time too, so if you follow the instructions really carefully I am sure that you are not going to face any kind of a problem or misunderstanding.

As the author of the instructions says, this is a symbol to say thank you to the ones who are fighting the horrible illness every day, to keep us save and healthy. That is a heart with the facemask and smile.

Heart with a facemask
Yarn: 180m/100g; worsted, 100% cotton, 190 yards/100 grams
Need: one skein per 8 hearts
Hook: 2 mm (it perfectly holds the shape with a small hook); B-1
Size: width 8 cm x height 6.5 cm; 3.15 in x 2.55 in
Needle, hollow fiber stuffing, 2 pieces of pearls for eyes, stitch marker
Time: 90 minutes

US terminology

SlSt – Slip Stitch
CH – chain
SC – single crochet

Start with a chain. We crochet around the chain, start with a CH 2, continue with SC, end with a SlSt.

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The instructions are great, every single step and detail that you need to know and follow is presented there, so I am pretty sure that you are going to get the result that will amaze not only you but everyone who gets to see the finished job. The techniques and crochet stitches that you are able to learn from this article might and will be very useful for your future crochet projects.

So my advise will be to view the instructions, grab the things that are needed for the work and start crocheting. I am sure that you are going to have a joyful time.

Share the article with your friends too, tell them about your impressions and opinion, I am sure that they are going to be really thankful and pleased. View the pattern via link below: