Crochet Shawls Roundup + Pattern Giveaway

crochet designer jessie Rayot

Crochet designer Jessie Rayot has been on a wonderful kick recently of making patterns for shawls and wraps, which is certainly perfect to keep us all cozy as the weather gets warmer. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of her crochet shawl patterns. Later in this post you’ll be able to enter a giveaway to win 3 patterns of your choice – knit or crochet, shawls or other designs. Take a look ….

7 Crochet Shawl Patterns

Here are seven of my favorite crochet shawl patterns that Jessie has designed:

All Together Now Crochet Shawl Free Pattern

The thing that I love most about the All Together Now shawl is that has a really unique type of construction. The shawl is made in four pieces, certainly something you aren’t used to seeing, which gives you the chance to try something new that might inspire your own crochet design ideas. The motifs are join-as-you-go so there aren’t a lot of ends to weave in. This is a fun project!

Ball of Ladders Crochet Shawl Free Pattern

One of the things that Jessie does really well is that she takes a new type of yarn and makes something fun with it. That’s what she did with the Ball of Ladders crochet shawl pattern, which uses an openwork “ladder” stitch design to showcase the yarn that she used.

This Way Wrap Crochet Pattern

This Way Wrap is an asymmetrical crochet pattern, which is fun not only to craft but also to wear. It is bright and colorful and can be wrapped around you in myriad ways to keep you both cozy and cute.

Tea Time Crochet Wrap Free Pattern

The Tea Time crochet wrap pattern uses a set of mini skeins of yarn inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I adore how Jessie used the little skeins to create colorful crochet striping that is set off against that natural background. It is a very sophisticated look inspired by whimsy.

Wrap Me Up Convertible Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

The Wrap Me Up crochet pattern is a wrap that can keep you warm around your shoulders but it is also designed to work as an oversized hooded crochet cowl.

Fins Wrap Crochet Shawl Pattern

The Fins Wrap is one of my all-time favorite designs from Jessie. It is another crochet shawl that uses unique shaping. Color choices could make it look like fins, petals or leaves, making it a terrific all-season crochet shawl pattern.

Lisa Wrap Crochet Pattern

The Lisa Wrap is a crochet pattern that Jessie designed based on what she learned from designing the Fins Wrap. This is one of those examples of how a great pattern can be altered to create something different but equally unique.

Crochet Pattern Giveaway!

You are invited to enter a giveaway to win three crochet patterns by Jessie Rayot. The winner will have their pick of any of her for-sale-online knit and crochet patterns. The giveaway is open to all entries. It closes November 12th at midnight PST. Winners will be notified by email shortly after the end of the giveaway.

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