Crochet Very Easy Girl’s Coat

Crochet Very Easy Girl’s Coat

Crochet cutest and easiest girl’s coat. You can create this cutie with the help of the step by step video tutorial and written pattern, both created by a really good professional Majovel Crochet both are perfect, every single step and detail that you should follow and know are presented in the instructions so I am sure that you are going to face any kind of a problem or misunderstanding while working on this project. Of course you can crochet the girl’s coat using the colors you want, it all depends on your taste and opinion.

here is some basic information you need to know before starting the working process: it’s all worked in double crochet; the size that is being crocheted in the instructions is for a 4 year old girl, but you can crochet the coat the size you want; It is crocheted using the 4mm wool and 3.5mm hook;

Materials: 200gr white wool 4mm; 100gr purple wool 4mm; 100gr pink wool 4mm; Hook n 3,5mm ; 5 buttons. There are 5 parts: 2 sleeves, 1 back, 2 front. 16 stitches for each sleeve, 16 stitches for the back, 8+5 for one front, 5 more pints for the buttons.

Photos and instructions by Majovel Crochet

I am sure that your friends will find this article very interesting and entertaining, so share it with them, tell them about your impressions and opinion as well as the experience. The working process will be very joyful and the knowledge of the crochet stitches and techniques that you are able to get from this project might and will be very useful for your future crochet related projects.

All you have to do is view the instructions, grab the yarn and the hook and start crocheting, I am sure that the result that you are going to get will be amazing not only for you but for everyone who gets to see the finished girl’s coat. Enjoy and goo dluck