Enjoy! Pretty Little Video of Doilies Dancing from Artist Lindsay Arnold

I came across this little video which is a trailer for a short video called “Table Dance” by Lindsay Arnold. I just thought it was a nice little moment of peace and wanted to post it here so you could relax for a moment and enjoy it as well:

On Vimeo, the artist explains:

“Reminiscent of small town socials, Table Dance celebrates the handwork made by women in the mid to late 20th century. Over 160 doilies take to the dance floor, shaking off their matronly reputations to prove that age is no barrier to having a good time.”

After finding the video, I discovered more of the artist’s work and am loving what I’m seeing. She begins her artist’s statement by saying, “I am intrigued by issues of female identity, the myth of perfection, and perceived expectations of self.” She goes on to explain the pressures women feel to be a certain way and how her art is a response to this. She shares, “Domestic life provides an abundance of miscellaneous items existing only to make things look nice.” She uses these objects in her art to express her point of view.

lindsay arnold painting of doily

The objects that caught my attention most, of course, are doilies, and I’m loving her series called Tedium, “a series of quodlibet drawings and paintings focusing on household objects associated with women’s work, using them as metaphor for feminine experience and the process of aging.” Her drawings are just exquisite, really infusing the doilies with life and meaning. The few I’ve showcased here are just the tip of the iceberg so do check out the whole series on her site!

lindsay arnold color painting of doily

She explains about the series, in part, that when the vintage doilies were created, they were useful in the home and yet now you find them, often stained and damaged, in thrift stores and estate stales. She adds,

“The imperfections which have rendered the doilies unusable for their original purpose inspire narratives which are further explored through interactions with objects such as scissors, pins, and utensils. The doilies are stretched, torn, and misshapen, such as we are by marriage, illness, motherhood and more. “Tedium” is way to honour the difficult experiences which leave us worn, acknowledge thankless repetitive labour, and reveal a part of the anonymous doily maker’s story.”

lindsay arnold painting doily

So powerful! In addition to this doily art, she has other beautiful drawings / paintings unrelated to crochet but relevant to many of the issues of interest to female crafters / artists/ makers. At the end of her artist statement she shares,

“My work provides a means to record the unspoken experiences of domestication and encourage further discussion of subjects considered unmentionable, such as: aging, jealousy, obsession, addiction, mental illness, competition and repression. “

Visit the artist on Facebook and Instagram.