Fallende Blätter häkeln Strickjacke Muster

There will always be that special bond between a grandmother and her very first granddaughter. But as she turns one, do you have any gifts ideas yet? Well, how about making a yearly tradition of making her a handmade cardigan until she’s eight!

With this Falling Leaves Crochet Cardigan Pattern, you can make a gift that can symbolize your never ending love and care for her.

To learn more about how to make this elegant little girl’s cardigan, continue reading through the article.

Falling leaves Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Dainty Crochet Cardigan Pattern with Leaves Details

Like the other patterns they created, this falling leaves crochet cardigan pattern by Mon Petit Violon is intricate and dainty! A cardigan perfect for sweet little girls like your granddaughter.

Although the whole piece is filled with varying textures and patterns, the standout detail in this cardigan is the little leaves around it’s collar. It’s a nice contrast to the tight-knit stitches on the upper part of the cardigan.  

You can opt to add two buttons at the top so you can close it a little. If you’re planning to use this during the winter, it’s better to add the buttons all the way to the bottom so it can be closed fully. 

Add a touch of elegance to your little girls everyday outfit by dressing her up with this dainty and comfy cardigan.

About the Yarn

How about making this cardigan a traditional gift every year? Use different yarn color every year for variation. It will definitely be a present she will look forward to every year.

Little girls usually love pinks! Why not start with a pinkish color like this Sprightly Acrylic Worsted Yarn in Misty Pink. This yarn comes in lots of nice solid colors, choosing the yarn for the next few years won’t be a nightmare.

Falling Leaves Crochet Cardigan Pattern
Falling Leaves Crochet Cardigan Pattern By Mon Petit Violon

About the Pattern

What really sets this pattern apart from other cardigans are the details. With all the intricate details needed to complete this piece, this pattern is intended for intermediate crocheters. 

Even though it’s worked in one color only, the details are noticeable because of the tiny spaces perfectly made by the pattern. It’s also a nice way to keep your little girl cool when she wears it during the summer.

The falling leaves near the collar of the cardigan is the main highlight of this piece. Instead of adding lots of leaves to contrast the plain stitches at the top of the cardigan, the leaves are placed evenly to leave a breathing space.

Worried about what to do with the cardigans after your granddaughter grows out of it? These cardigans would make such nice keepsakes when they no longer fit your little girl. Available in lots of sizes, you can make one for your granddaughter until she’s eight years old!

Skill Level


Materials Needed

any worsted weight yarn – Sprightly Acrylic Worsted Yarn in Misty Pink 

crochet hook 5mm (H) or size needed to obtain gauge

2 buttons (at least 2.5cm wide)

tapestry needle

Finished size

19 in

21.25 in

23.5 in

26.25 in

28.25 in

30.75 in 

Falling Leaves Crochet Cardigan Back Details Pattern
Falling Leaves Crochet Cardigan Pattern By Mon Petit Violon

It’s time to prepare for your granddaughter’s first birthday! Check out this pattern and make this special cardigan for her. 

Strengthen your bond as she grows by making her traditional Falling Leaves Cardigan every year in different colors! A sure way to let her feel the warmth of your hug every time she wears the cardigan.

Time to bring out the yarn and hook and prepare for a day of crocheting! With this Falling Leaves Crochet Cardigan Pattern, may you remember all the heartwarming memories you shared with your granddaughter in the past year.