Fringe Benefits (häkeln Buchrezension)

Fringe Benefits

I love crochet with fringe. I think it is fun to make and fun to wear. It adds a bit of boho style to any clothing or accessories, which is something I always enjoy in crochet. So of course I wanted to check out the Leisure Arts book Fringe Benefits by designer Melissa Leapman.

Classic Crochet with Fringe

fringe crochet cowl

There are some items that have often been made with fringe over the years and you would expect to see them in a book like this. Crochet cowls edged with fringe are a great example, and you will find two of them in the eight designs in this collection. They are both bulky weight cowls, one that is a thicker winter design and the other that could be worn in several seasons.

fringed crochet poncho

Another great example of a fringed crochet item is the poncho, which is done elegantly here in black worsted weight yarn with a simple texture created from single and double crochet stitches.

Contemporary Crochet with Fringe

fringe crochet bracelet

In addition to the classic crochet fringe designs that are to be expected, this book offers some patterns that really give a contemporary edge to the way that the fringe is used. My favorite is a cuff bracelet edged with fringe, which is worked in a medium weight yarn and could look great in a unique fiber like faux leather or hemp.

fringe crochet purse

There are two crochet bags in the book, one that is more of a boho design where you’d expect to see fringe but then another that’s an evening clutch where the fringe is surprising and eye-catching.

Detailed, Clear Crochet Patterns

Each crochet pattern in this book is easy to understand, with well-written instructions, photos and schematics. Where necessary, there are detailed measurements and sizing is easily distinguishable thanks to color changes for each size in the instructions. In most cases, the fringe is 12″ long (then doubled over), with variations in the number of strands held together to create different thicknesses of the fringe. Instructions at the back of the book tell you more about how to make the fringe and how to properly attach it to your finished items.

fringe crochet vest

Crochet Designer Melissa Leapman

It is no surprise that I enjoyed this crochet book because I always like the work by designer Melissa Leapman. I’m a fan of her Indispensable Stitch Collection book as well as her book Designer Crochet Accessories. Leisure Arts has actually published 40+ books of her work! She has also hosted knitting and crochet lessons on Leisure Arts DVDs. She has more than 800 patterns in print today and still comes up with refreshing new designs for us to enjoy!

Fringe Benefits