Gehäkelte Geschenke für Baby (Buchrezension)

crocheted gifts for baby book

Crocheted Gifts for Baby by Jennifer Stiller is unique in that offers ideas for babies that are specific to gift giving and generally limited to items for ages 0-2. If you are never quite sure what to make for the children of friends or to give to baby charities, you’ll get some great ideas (and the instructions to execute those ideas) from this collection of patterns. There are 30 different patterns in this book, which is more than you’ll find in many crochet patterns book, so you’ll be able to keep busy trying new things for awhile with this title.

Making Baby’s Firsts

crochet octopus from crocheted gifts

Most crochet baby pattern books have designs for young children of all ages. There is certainly nothing wrong with this but it means that the youngest babies often get a bit left out of those collection. This crochet book is written specifically with the 0-2 year old in mind. (Some designs have instructions for older children, like a hoodie with directions for up to age 3, but the focus is on the baby sizes first.) This not only means that it is filled with small, cute projects, but that it gives you lots of ideas for making “baby’s firsts”. You can make baby’s first blanket, baby’s first rattle and baby’s first pair of soft shoes using these patterns.

“Warm clothes for outdoors, fun ways to decorate the baby’s room, and practical accessories for when you travel – there’s something here for every new day.” – from the foreword

crocheted gifts for baby

Organized By Category

The crochet patterns in Crocheted Gifts for Baby are organized by category so if you already know what you want to make that you can quickly jump to the right section. The first section is filled with cute crochet clothes. The second is all about toys for baby to enjoy. And the final section is “accessories”, which encompasses nursery decor and items like washcloths.

clothes from crocheted gifts for baby

Simple Crochet Patterns

Most of the crochet patterns in this book are simple. They use basic stitches like single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet. There is a detailed section at the end of the book with photo tutorials for these stitches. The crochet patterns in this book are written with row-by-row instructions. At the back of the book you will also find symbol charts for 8 of the crochet projects.

These designs are worked with very basic shaping and/ or joining. They are colorful projects that will be delightful to babies, but they don’t require extensive color changing within any one project. The simplicity makes this a nice book for beginners, but the book is suitable for advanced crocheters as well. There is variety in yarn weights and hook sizes, and of course you can adapt the patterns with your own choices by making yarn / color substitutions.