Häkeln Sie das freche kleine Matrosenbabykleid

Hello and welcome to design-birdy.com Today we would like to share with you an article about crocheting this beautiful and super cute the sassy little sailor baby dress that is presented on the photos.

I totally fell in love with this dress when I saw the photos of it and started searching for the instructions instantly and here it is the video tutorial that will guide us from start to end and will shows us every little detail that we need to know to crochet the sassy little sailor baby dress on our own. Trust me it may seem hard but it’s not if you view the tutorial and take a quick over look of it you will understand what I am saying. It won’t take much time too, so view the instructions grab the things that are needed for the work and start crocheting trust me the result will amaze you.

Enjoy and have a nice day

Click here to view the tutorial