Häkeln Sie Maxi-Kragen / Poncho-Tutorial

Hello and welcome to design-birdy.com Today we would like to share with you an article about crocheting this beautiful maxi collar/poncho that is presented on the photos.

To learn how to crochet it very fast and very easy will need some kind of an instructions and this is the main point of the post, to connect you with the tutorial that we need to follow step by step to get the right result and be amazed. Of course you can choose the color you wish your collar/poncho to be I am sure that many colors will look beautiful on this beautiful collar/poncho .

share the article with you friends too I am sure they will be very thankful for the share I hope you won’t face kind kind of a problem or misunderstanding while working on this project. View the tutorial and start crocheting, have a nice day

Click here to view the tutorial