Häkeln Telefon Fall Muster


The instructions are for a mobile phone measuring 14 x 6.8 x 1 cm. If your phone is longer or wider, just add a few rows or stitches.

The bag is a great beginner project and is crocheted throughout, that means you crochet in a circle. Have fun!

Crochet 1st row

Grab your darkest wool and hit 13 airlocks (12 stitches + 1 turn pocket).



Crochet half chopsticks

Now the right crochet starts, let’s go with half the sticks, this works as follows: wrap the yarn around your needle, pierce the penultimate stitch, wind the thread around the point of the needle and bring it through the stitch. Now you have 2 loops on the needle. Now wind the thread around the needle again and pull it through all three loops. Ready is your first half stick.

Crochet 2nd row

Crochet a total of 11 more half-sticks for the 2nd row. In the last stitch crochet a total of 4 half rods, so your work is a little wider. Then turn your work.

Now crochet 10 half sticks again and crochet 3 half sticks in the last stitch. Now you have crocheted at least 28 half sticks.

Crochet 3rd row

Mark the edge stitch with a contrast thread. Then continue to crochet half rods into the stitches of the previous row. Crochet a total of 13 half-sticks, that means in the last stitch come again 2 half-sticks.

Turn your work back and crochet 14 half sticks, again 2 into the last stitch. 

Crochet row 4-9

Now come the easy part. Crochet half a stick into each stitch for 6 rows and work your way up in a spiral.

Check in between times on your mobile phone, if the bag also fits. 

After the 6 rows comes the color change, but you can cut off your thread. But not too short, not that your beautiful work dissolves again.


Crochet rows 10-15

Pick up the next lighter color and crochet half a stick together with the thread of the last color. Crochet then 6 rows more, as before.

Crochet rows 16-21

Repeat step 6 with the next lighter color.


Crochet row 22-27

With the last and brightest color you repeat the step again and crochet half the sticks for 6 rows.

Finally, you sew the thread and your new mobile phone case is finished in a nice ombré look!