How To Make Easy Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

The sun comes out slowly and it gets colorful again. Join us and crochet friendship ribbons with three colors. knittingblog shows you how it works.

You need:

  • cotton yarn
  • scissors

Prepare your materials. You really do not need more than these three yarns in the colors of your choice.

First steps
Take a long piece of yarn of any color and knot it. To make it easier, pin the knot on something. I stapled it to a piece of felt, but you could also, as in the past, the jeans, your pants to help.

Here we go. You select one color as the center color and alternately loop around the other two. Make a loop and then pull the thread through the center from outside to inside.

Now pull it tight, so that the thread then lies outside.

Crochet or tie now alternately the two colors until the band fits around your wrist. Now knot all three colors together well. Already a new bracelet is ready! If you are colorful, you can welcome several of different colors and so the summer!