Knitted Mini Sock Keychain Pattern

What You Need:

  • a few socks yarn wool remains
  • a 2 pinpoint game
  • a key ring with ring
  • a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers

Lisitipp: The Proportions Have to be Right

If you have knitted regular socks, you already know how it works. To simply reduce the dimensions of a normal sock and stubbornly convert but would not work, because the proportions of the mini sock otherwise get confused.

The cuff for the mini-sock must be extremely much thinner than (proportional) in a normal sock for a human foot. Since your sock is only supposed to become a pendant, it does not have to fit – it just has to look cute.

Knitting the Socks – That’s How it Works

For the small sock cuff you hit a total of 24 stitches and distribute them evenly on the four needles . So you have 6 stitches on each of the needles .

(If you prefer to knit only with three needles, of course, that will happen, then each of the needles will have 8 stitches .)

Then you knit round for round two right, two left. One right, one left also works – but then the cuff is a bit wider (with two right, two left a little more together).

Overall, knit the cuff for 28 rounds . This seems to be a bit too long for you, but the cuff is still folded so that the sock looks even more like a normal sock.

The folding takes up a lot of space, so the relatively long cuff.

Then spread the stitches evenly on three needles, so that there are 8 stitches on each of the needles (unless you already started with three needles). In the following round you knit as follows:

  • First needle: 8 stitches as they are on the needle
  • Second needle: knit one stitch on the right, knit two on the right.
  • Third needle: Knit one stitch on the right, knit two on the right.

When you reach the first needle again, you have the following number of stitches on your three needles: 8 + 5 + 5 .

Now it goes on happily with the heel. To do this, knit right stitches on the needle with the 8 stitches in back and forth rows – in the rows on the outside (on the outside of the sock), and on the back rows (on the inside of the sock) on left stitches.

Once you ‘ve knit 7 rows and you’re done with a row, you put the working needle aside and pick up new stitches on the edge of the heel with the needle on which you just knitted the last stitch of the row.

For this you always engrave in one of the edge stitches and get through the work thread – so creates a kind of new stitch. Then follow the two needles with 5 stitches each – you just knit in smooth right.

Then again follows the stitching on the second heel edge. With 7 rows of heel you should also come at the recorded stitches on 7 stitches .

Your number of stitches would be as follows (take the two 5-needles together, then you have everything back on three needles):

  • 10 stitches, 7 stitches, 7 stitches.

In order for the sock to become a little bit slimmer again, you have to do a weakening. For this you first knit the 10 stitches , which were previously shut down while you knitted the heel.

Then comes the first of the needles of 7 : Here you knit one stitch on the right, then you knit two on the right and the rest of the stitches back to normal in the right side.

In the second 7-needle it is the other way round : Here you knit all the stitches in smooth right until there are three stitches on the needle. Then knit two stitches to the right and then the last stitch to the right.

You repeat that until your stitching looks like this:

  • 10 stitches, 4 stitches, 4 stitches.

So you reduce the number of stitches of the 7-stitches from 7 to 4 .

Then knit in smooth right until you have counted from the cuffs to 12 rounds . It is best to count the rounds off the cuff on the top of the sock.

As with a normal sock, there is now a stitch reduction for the top. For this you always knit the penultimate two stitches of each needle on the right until only one stitch remains on each needle.

Then you cut off the working thread and pull it through all the remaining stitches.

Now you just have to sew the beginning and end thread and you’re done with the sock!

To attach the pendant to the sock cuff, now bend the bottom of the chain links with the pliers, thread it through the folded collar of the sock and bend it back with the pliers.