Lernen Sie, die Teekannenabdeckung Schritt für Schritt zu häkeln

Hey there, welcome to design-birdy.com Today is a special day because we are about to share with you an article with a video tutorial of course about crocheting the teapot cover, exactly the same teapot cover that is presented on the photos, lovely isn’t it? I am sure that most of you are already searching for their yarn and hooks to crochet the teapot cover.

It may seem hard at some point to crochet the teapot cover like this, but trust me it is not, the video tutorial that is presented in the article is made by a great professional and if you follow the steps that he shows you trust me you are going to get an amazing result in a very fast time and without facing any kind of  a problem or misunderstanding. Of course you can choose the colors for your own teapot cover but I think that the colors that are used for creation of this exact teapot cover are astonishing, but that’s just me and my opinion you are free to choose.

Tell us what you think about the article and the project, share it with your friends too. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Click here to view the tutorial