Norwegian Knitted Hat Patterns Free

What you need:

  • Two balls Rainbow Organic in the color light gray
  • Two skeins Rainbow Organic in the color peach bright
  • Two balls Rainbow Organic in the color purple
  • a coniferous game (strength 5)
  • the template as PDF for download

Lisitipp: Knit with double thread of yarn

The yarn is actually intended for a needle size of 2.5-3. But that would be a bit small, which is why I took the yarn threads twice without further ado.

A dear reader has recently asked me to always give a stitch sample. I’m doing very well now – is for my readers (and not least for myself) so only an advantage: My stitch of 18 mesh has yielded 9cm .

So we have two stitches for one centimeter – which results in a number of stitches of 110 with a head circumference of 55cm (like mine). I’ve reduced that to 108, then the number of stitches per needle is 27 .

Knitting the hat – that’s how it works

Only once do you hit a total of 108 stitches in the gray yarn (Attention, threads should be double – so take from both balls) and spread them evenly on the four needles. Now there are 27 stitches on each of the needles .

Then knit the cuff in two right two left for a total of 12 rounds.

The template reads quasi upside down: From the bottom right you start at the first needle, row one and stitch one.


As you can see on the PDF template, I have only shown the pattern for the first and second needle.

This is because the pattern repeats from stitch 55, from then everything is knitted again as from stitch 1. So you can knit the first needle as well as the third and the second as well as the fourth one.

From row 25 you start with the decrease by always knitting the two penultimate stitches of each needle on the right side. I have marked this on the sample exactly.

Of course, then the pattern is no longer uniform – but you just stubbornly stick to the template. So far up the hat you can not see the irregularities any more so much anyway.

As soon as there are 13 stitches left on each of the four needles , cut off the thread and pull it through the remaining stitches.

If you pull on the threaded end thread, the hole closes at the top of the hat and you can sew it well with a darning needle.

n itself, the cap is already nice – but with a pompom on it I like it even better.

Somehow my caps without bobble always seem so “naked” to me, but strangely only when I wear them myself. On heads other than my own liked with hats also without bobble.