Pullover-Poncho mit Strick

Pullover-poncho knitted with braids spits and paths from the lowered loops, a good companion for summer walks along the seacoast. Its basic design is a rectangle that allows you to ignore the formation of the silhouette, concentrating only on the pattern consisting of a braid in the spit and paths of the loosened loops. Poncho is easily transformed into a pullover, it is only necessary to sew it at the side seams and perform an additional number of cuff rows to extend the sleeve.

The poncho, or pullover, is knit in one piece, from one side edge to the other lateral edge. To form the neck, the front and back are separated and knit separately from one shoulder to the other, then rejoin and knit one piece to the end. After the completion of the main part of the poncho, certain loops of the hinge open up to the opposite bottom edge, then the cuff loops are raised.

Needles: Circular knitting needles No. 5.5 with a line of 80 cm for the main fabric and a set of stocking knitting needles No. 4.5 for cuffs.

The spokes can be of a different size if necessary to achieve the necessary density of knitting poncho.

In addition, you will need: a loop marker, a braid spoke, detachable loop markers, a tapestry needle.

The model in the photo is connected from the ribbon flax to the luxurious color of mahogany.