Simple Crochet Purse Tutorial

What You Need:

  • approx. 30 g cotton yarn (thickness 2.5-3 – for example Rainbow Organic Cotton by )
  • a crochet hook (thickness 3)
  • a purses closure (eg from,  dimensions: 11 cm x 4 cm)
  • small beads, needle and thread
  • a scissors

Step 1: Crochet the Purse

For the purse, you first strike 16 pieces of air and then crochet three rows of stitches in rows and back rows. After the third row, you stop turning the crochet and crochet in circles around the crocheted piece.

In the corners of the crochet piece you crochet three stitches in each , that’s the stitch increase. You need that, so that the crochet piece does not bend, it should stay nice and flat.

Once you have 57 stitches in the round , you start with the shell pattern.

For this you crochet a total of five simple sticks in a stitch (so you always put in the same stitch). Then you skip a stitch and crochet in the next stitch a tight stitch .

Then you let go of a stitch and crochet in the next stitch again five simple chopsticks . For me, this results in a total of 13 “shells” (a shell here means the bundle of the five simple chopsticks).

Once you are all around with the shells, the second round begins: From now on you crochet the shells offset .

That is, you place each new shell between two shells of the previous round and you place the fixed stitches directly on the middle of the five shell chopsticks of the previous round.

First, crochet at the beginning of the second round three meshes (as spare rods). Then a tight stitch comes into the middle of the five sticks of the first shell from the first round.

Then you place the first clam of the second round between the first and second clam of the first round. In principle, it is very simple.

When you get back to the last shell of the round, you crochet only four simple sticks in here, because at the beginning of the round you crocheted your substitute-stick out of three pieces of air.

Then “close” the round again by stabbing with a final tight stitch just where you stabbed the spare chopstick in the previous round.

From now on, the pattern is correct and you no longer have to work with the spare chopsticks, but simply crochet stubbornly in rounds and always put your shells between two shells of the previous round.

Once you have crocheted nine rounds with five shells, you reduce the number of sticks of shells to four sticks so that the purse becomes narrower towards the top.

Step 2: Sew on the closure and the beads

When sewing the closure you can not do much wrong: The holes are here already nicely pre-punched and you have to sew only with needle and yarn thread the front and rear of the purse inside.

Lisitipp: Stop the sewing on the crochet piece before sewing. If your closure does not have exactly the same dimensions as mine, it can of course lead to deviations.

My closure has the following dimensions: 11 cm wide x 4 cm high.

Then you may have to put a few more rows on top of it, or you may need fewer rows of fixed stitches.


When decorating you can of course do whatever you want. I opted for dull salmon-colored pearls.