Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial | Written + Video

The single crochet stitch is often the very first stitch you will learn when you begin to crochet!

It is usually designated in patterns as sc, so keep an eye out for that.

Single crochet is used in most patterns, either on its own or to create more elaborate stitches.

Follow along with our tutorials to learn how to work the single crochet stitch.

Free Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial Written and Video
Photo Courtesy of Sigoni Macaroni

Single Crochet Stitch Written Instructions

Techniques needed:

Step 1: Make a foundation chain. This can be any length you like.

Step 2: Beginning with the second chain stitch from you hook. Insert your hook into the chain stitch. Yarn over and pull through the chain stitch. You should have two loops on your hook now.

Step 3: Yarn over again. Now you will pull the yarn with your hook through BOTH loops. This should leave only one loop on your hook.

You have just completed ONE single crochet stitch!

Continue repeating Steps 2 and 3 down the rest of the chain stitch to create your first row of single crochet.

Single Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial