Strickjacke mit Diamant Textur

A beautiful cardigan flared silhouette will suit most women, highlighting what is needed. Its uneven coloring and unusual shape will make you simply irresistible.

Any woman wants to be beautiful. And it does not matter what kind of complexion or age.

Sometimes beauty can be achieved simply by hiding something or vice versa, emphasizing one’s virtues. This cardigan is just such an item.

Its extended downward form of the trapezium will accentuate the shoulders and thin wrists, showing how subtle you are. In this case, the wide lower part will hide wide hips or a small tummy.

Cardigan knits with individual parts, starting with a pattern of transverse diamonds. Then the details are sewn and the lower bar is knitted with garter stitch. A-shaped silhouette appears due to consecutive deductions. The top of the cardigan is fastened with buttons of the right color.

Such a cardigan is good to wear with a dress or skirt, extended downwards. This creates an evening image suitable for a romantic encounter.