Top 10 Most Popular Crochet Stitches

Top 10 Most Popular Crochet Stitches

Hey there, today we would like to share with you our ideas of the top 10 most popular crochet stitches. Of course if you are in crocheting for a while you may know all of them, or some of them, but that even makes it easier because you will understand us in just no time. If you are a beginner then trust me these are the stitches that you should know, because using this stitches you can crochet almost anything, we can even say that these are the basics.

There are many different crochet projects that need the specific knowledge, but if you know many crochet stitches, you can get the result that you want without facing any kind of a problem or misunderstanding. After you learn the basic crochet stitches you can form of kinds of decorative stitch patterns, which are both, enjoyable and easy.

All the listed stitches have their own instructions, some of them have the written pattern, some photo instructions and some the video tutorial, so I am pretty sure that the working process will be joyful and you are going to get the results that will amaze you.

10. Staggered Spike Stitch

This stitch is looks best if you crochet it in two colors because it shows off the staggered spike.

9. Lacy Treble Shell Stitch

The lacy treble shell stitch is another, more popular, variation of the vintage shell stitch

8. Treble Shell Stitch

7. Basic Shell Stitch

6. V Stitch in Brick Repeat

5. Basic Crochet V Stitch

4. Puff Stitch

3. Thick and Thin Front Loop Single Crochet Stitch

2. Single Crochet Mesh Stitch

  1. Crochet Moss Stitch or Granite Stitch