Zweiseitiger Strickschal

A stunningly beautiful scarf, knitted in the technique of double-sided knitting. Such an accessory is definitely not left without attention and will give you confidence in yourself and your irresistibility.

Scarf in the technique of double-sided knitting

Two-sided knitting is a rather unusual technique. To some it seems complicated, but in reality there is nothing complicated.

It is similar to the knitting of jacquards, but at the same time there is no broach. It is enough to tie each row at once with two strings in a certain sequence.

This scarf is knitted according to two schemes, which are used in turn. Each cell of the diagram shows two loops (instead of the usual tying, one cell is one loop).

On the Internet, there are many master classes for knitting such patterns, but the technique of knitting this scarf is somewhat different.